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The fashion industry is highly dependent on the consumer’s taste and wants. For a brand to remain competitive in the industry, it must always remain innovative so as to create new trends that consumers will follow.


Surviving and flourishing in this world is difficult and incredibly competitive. However, the streetwear trend keeps evolving, and is rapidly taking over the world.


Streetwear is a very common term in the modern fashion world. It refers to a distinctive style of street fashion that involves elements associated with the skate culture, hip-hop fashion and haute couture.


Virgil Abloh refers streetwear to an art movement. Streetwear brands distinguish themselves from traditional designer labels as they seek to sell us their culture as opposed to selling a high-end name on a label. Streetwear definitely has a distinctive visual identity.


People on the streets are seen wearing brands like Supreme, Stüssy and Off-White. Streetwear has remained to be a niche interest, but it has been seen on the runways as of late. Louis Vuitton and Supreme collaborated for the very first time to create a capsule collection, and it broke the internet.


The urban streetwear look is increasingly popular and present everywhere. Streetwear is quite a fluid genre but the fashion is easily recognized as being oversized and baggy combined with vibrant colours. If standing out among the crowd is your thing, streetwear is definitely for you.


Streetwear clothing draws attention and makes you feel unique at the same time. These dynamic dimensions of style represent who you are and where you come from. Streetwear is essentially clothes that are expressions of subcultures. It is highly treasured as they are identities that people relate to. Streetwear escalated very quickly, thanks to social media.


Social media has eased the promotion and recognition process for a brand. At the same time, it acts as a platform for brands to have instant connection with their audience. Social media has become such a helpful tool in the streetwear realm. Streetwear brands use it strategically to build hype surrounding their collections and solidify their overall look.


Major brands like Vetements create fascination and anticipation around each season’s releases and collaborations with carefully selected celebrities through social media.


Thanks to the internet, fashion is more accessible than ever. The internet has broken barriers when it comes to shopping and making it available to everyone around the world.


Recently, vintage streetwear is seen taking over contemporary streetwear. It is very popular as vintage pieces tend to be rare and unique. The urban streetwear trend is definitely relevant and here to stay.

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